Grades 11-12 - 2.5 credits
This introductory course is for girls and boys who have had no prior experience in technical areas and is designed to reduce the “mystery” surrounding basic automobile maintenance and repair. Emphasis will be placed on preventive maintenance, use of the owner’s manual for the vehicle, basic service, replacement of parts which may be done at home, and vehicle inspection and evaluation. Students will gainskill on a computer-operated system designed for cost repair estimates, troubleshooting, and maintenance. This course may not be taken after the completion of or currently with Power Technology I.

Grades 11-12 - 5 creditsThis is a direct entry course open to 11th and 12th grade boys and girls. Working in small groups or individually, students will study the theory of operation and basic maintenance of the car. Emphasis will be on the current four-stroke cycle gasoline engine and its lubrication, cooling, and electrical systems. Also included will be basic service facility procedures such as vehicle inspection, tire changing and service, vehicle evaluation, and the use of various related repair manuals. Career opportunities will be examined as each area is covered. Students will be introduced to the computer operated diagnostic system for the purpose of auto repair and maintenance

Grade 12 (5 credits)Power Technology will continue with the theory and repair of the automobile begun in Power Technology I. Studies will include, but not be limited to, electronic diagnosis and tune-up procedures using the oscilloscope and exhaust gas analyzer, operation and maintenance of the pollution control system, the fuel system, the steering and suspension system, the charging system, and the starting system. Future schooling and/or employment possibilities will be explored throughout the course. Students will continue to develop their computer - assisted diagnosis of auto repair and maintenance.

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Mr. Malerbi studied at Fitchburg State University in Fitchburg, MA; graduating with an education degree in Technology/Engineering. While attending college he started a small shop in 2007 building furniture and cabinetry, focusing on custom designs and builds.

Mr. Malerbi has joined Hingham High School in September 2016. He has updated the auto shop with a computerized diagnostic system for use on consumer vehicles and supplied the community with woodwork provided by the students for the holiday fair.

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Hingham High School Graphic Design & Photography